Week 9 Reflection: Learning the Video

Unfortunately, I got really sick this week and didn’t get a chance to live tweet the radio show. But I did listen to them after I was really a fan of the work our student body does. I’m constantly surprised at the things we are able to accomplish at such a small school and this class really made me realize the amazingness of the academic community.

I did a post about my radio show reflection, which you can see here!

I also got to write a video essay, which is here. I chose Notorious. Honestly, as I say in my video essay. I chose it because 1. It was free and 2. I thought there was a small chance it would be about Notorious B.I.G. I was wrong. You can check that out here.


Assignment wise, I chose to do 8 stars of video assignments. It seemed better than working on a radio show because there was a lot going on with everyone in our group and working together just seemed time consuming. You can check out my video works here  andddd here!

I really enjoyed working on them. I am worried that this class is getting a little heavy on the work load, but I enjoy learning everything I am! Getting excited for week 10!