A Week in Review: I can’t hear you

So, week four is over? This class is going by too fast. This semester is going by too fast. I am not ready to graduate….don’t make me go. That was pretty much the summary of my week as I worked in DC over 40 hours this week and commuted and went to school and did debate and the paper…..sooo yeah. Everyone who saw me pretty much saw this:

Still kind of feel like that. But that’s alright. Anyways, This week I almost forgot it was audio week because I fell in love with my daily creates. First was the coffeeeeeeee addiction post about how I can’t really be held for things that I say before I get my coffee. #sorrynotsorry. Really, don’t talk to me if I don’t have coffee. I don’t sleep enough to deal with people and coffee is the only way I get through. This DC: I’m Sorry was really fun and allowed me to express myself. The next daily create, DC: Caption the puppy, came in perfect timing.
I love dogs. love love love love. They make me happy and I love them. I was really frustrated with everything involving school and the registrar and I saw this and getting to make this for about 5 minutes just turned my day around.

Getting to the actual audio. I got to listen to a pretty cool radio show, watch some videos an do some readings. You can read my in-depth thoughts here (Audio Reflection)  but in short: FAB-U-LOUS. I also got a little twitter savvy and live tweeted a radio show. You can definitely check out my tweets at anytime.

Reagrding this weeks assignments: I found them all pretty simple. Time consuming, yes yes yes, but not very difficult. I did a couple different things. I did the bumper, which didn’t count toward our points, I slowed down my favorite song with the Slowmo project (★★★)

and expressed emotion as if I was a puppy in a storm in the Sound and emotion (★★★) assignment. Finally, I got to create a story for Bev, my noir character in the Audio Sound Story (★★★1/2) which was so much funnnnn.

I’m really looking forward to this upcoming week and hoping that I don’t have too much on my plate as the semester moves forward!