Week in review: wow debating and blogging is hard

Not only am I in DC three times a week, but quite often I go to debate tournaments. So this weekend, I am in Indiana from Friday until Monday night. That means that I am doing debate for four days straight is rude. Which means I had to cram a lot of work into the week.

So, I did three daily creates:
A picture of Indiana University logo where I am debating
A picture of a 2048 screenshot that I took (notice the political references in case you didn’t know what way i was leaning) (Warren/Clinton 2016)
And I think now I am realizing that I forgot to upload one of my daily creates as I am writing my summary. Probably too late now.

So after that you can also fine my assignments for this week:
(I was an overachiever because I forgot to do a daily create and did more than 10 points). I did my What’s in my bag assignment for Bev (3).  That was fun, I guess. I also did my Acrostic Poem (3)for her name to show more about her personality. Additionally, I did the post secret assignment (1) because I thought it was be fun! It was! And then, I did my favorite and in my opinion best work of the week on the Poetry Art assignment (3).

There are also a couple other post that are worth checking out. Things like my views on photography, in which there was a mini rant about photography and the journalism department, lack of I guess, at UMW.

Additionally, my reflection on noirtography post is here too!


I really enjoyed this week. As I said at the top it was a little tough to get all the work done, but I think that it will get easier over time!