Week 6 and 7: Summary, Catching up and a RADIO SHOWWW

Hello DS106 World! I feel like I’ve been kind of MIA lately.



This is going to be a pretty long post. Week 6 and 7 went pretty smoothly. I loved working with my radio group and really enjoyed getting to know everyone. Working with younger people is always fun, not only because we get to know new people, but it is interesting to see what younger people think of mary washington today versus when I first started. The hardest part about putting together our group was developing a format on how to split up work. With spring break so close, we knew we needed to figure something out after recording it. Due to Jonthan and my heavy schedule with DC, we ultimately decided that we needed to take on the editting task in one night. So that is what we did. OVerall, I really enjoyed working with everyone in the group.


Unforuntaely, I only did one TDC this week and it was the clock in my last post!