Chatty Cathy

This week I really got to chat it up with the ds106 community (mostly because it was required – just being honest) So, I have a debate tournament so I wanted to get all my work done before Friday. Unfortunately, most DS106 students haven’t finished a lot of their projects (I’m totally at fault here too), so it made some of the comments kind of vague. Overall though, I really thought this assignment was good because I got to see what other students are doing and get some inspiration for my future work! I also got to comment on some of my good friend, commute buddy, and roommates work!

I looked at some posters for the radio show which I really liked to look at!

I also got to look at some daily creates that were done this week!

Looking at bumpers was fun and awesome, but so was looking into some students’ characters and seeing what they were doing!

Total, as of Thursday night, I commented on ten students posts!