A little about myself: Acrostic Poem

I completed the Acrostic Poem assignment (3 points). It was pretty simple. I first thought of words that would help describe Bev and her character. The first three that came to mind were brave, energetic and veracious. Actually, the latter didn’t come that quickly. Honestly it required a thesaurus and a dictionary and took way longer than I wanted. After that, I went to flickr to find pictures that described the pictures I wanted. I found this little adorable boy saying brave, which was the cutest thing ever and I definitely could not pass up. I then found this picture of a mouth, which also brought up some weird pictures of people’s teeth and made me question what people actually use flickr for. Lastly, I wanted to describe energy, so I thought of a lightbulb that clearly uses energy.

Once I found the pictures, I just plugged them into photoshop and put a layer of text on top of the pictures. Then I saved it….and here we are!