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The Vignelli Canon

There is no room for sloppiness, for carelessness, for procrastination.

The above quote is from The Vignelli Canon, and I find it to be something I say a lot to our newspaper staff – not in a negative way, just in a reminder. I’m usually in charge with the overall physical appearance of the paper and making sure everything looks cohesive with each section. Because each section editor designs their own page, I have to be there to make sure it all tells a story as you read the paper from beginning the end. This can be something that is difficult at 3 a.m. as I stare at a mac for the 6th hour, but it must be done. Given that, I love this quote. It’s basically a life quote aka design = life.

I love this packet, and I actually sent it out to my editorial board as something for them to read when considering what to put in the paper. In my time at the paper, we learned things that Vignelli talks about like:

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It’s things like paper sizes and letterheads that get me excited about life, and I thought overall that this book was really good at describing ways that people who aren’t technically proficient at design could become better.