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Design Blitz – Summary Post

This week, I spent most of my time in the debate office (the creative writing mansion, basically). We are getting ready for our biggest tournament of the year. After reading through some of the posts on design I started to notice a lot of things about things around the squad room. So here, is my design blitz from this week along with some descriptions of what I saw. (These are all on my flickr, embedded here)

Photo Blitz

I found this post to be rhythm based. The caps of the boxes allow the patterns to start over the repetition in the middle of the boxes are the stickers that are there. Another example is the pink paper that appears on every other box.

I am using color for this example. Like we all know, emergencies are usually perceived as important and big. Here we see the exit sign being bright red. That allows people to acknowledge the fact that there should be warning in case of emergency.

This is an example of font. I find it cool that the whole package uses a sans serif font rather than a match up. Maybe it is cheaper and simpler to produce everywhere and multiple packs, but it is also easier to read on such a big bag. Hopefully, these will eliminate the cold I’ve been catching.

Lastly, I chose to look at dominance. I specifically chose this image because this is usually my view from the seat I sit in to do work. Something I’ve noticed during the past five years is that even though there seems to be a lot of stuff on the wall, the map always seems to be the thing that people look at first. It takes up a large portion of the wall if you don’t count the space where the door is. Additionally, even within the map, it is clear that the blue water accounts for most of the image, which is like dominance inside of dominance.