Washington DC: Only the Tourists Drive


















How DC traffic makes me feel.

I found this assignment to be enjoyable. I have this special place in my heart for the tourists that drive into DC to see the monuments. DO NOT SLOW DOWN AND STARE AT THE MEMORIALS. JUST PARK AND GET OUT. I don’t have road rage, I promise, it is just a pet peeve of mind. Given that, a week into commuting, I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore and like every other DC worker and take the metro. Because of that, I’ve given this to all the other people who drive in DC aka tourists.

bumper sticker

The Make your own bumper sticker assignment (3 1/2 stars) was pretty simple. It didn’t take much thinking to come up with an idea, but I wanted to keep it simple. I hate when you are driving and have to squint to read people’s stickers. Honestly, I shouldn’t really be looking….but you know that you do too. Anyways, back from my tangent – to do this, I opened Photoshop and threw in some basic red and blue lines (nothing says DC like ‘merica Red and Blue). I wanted to draw the eye to the middle where the actual words were, so I thought this was a good strategy. From there, I used Libby (a sans serif and very readable font) to plug in my message. I had to mess around a little to find the font that fit the best and the sizes, but after that it was just a matter of trying to save it. I still can’t figure out while all my images keep saving with this lines in them, so if anyone has an idea, please let me know! Keep an eye out for my other design assignments. I’m sure it will be fun.