Sad Puppy, Sad Rain

I’ve been desperately missing my dog lately, and I’m not sure if this made it better or worse. That picture isn’t my dog, but this is. His name is Zeke and he is the best thing ever:


He’s great – ANYWAYS BACK ON TOPIC – For this assignment (3 stars), I wanted to convey emotions, but my inability to understand how human emotions work like a normal person (hahaha, you can laugh) made it hard. On the other hand, I was trying to think of some sounds that could trigger emotion, in order to make the portrayal easier. I thought of my dog and thunderstorms. He loves them, but I wasn’t sure how to put that into sound. Instead I did the opposite. I know that I a lot of small dogs really get upset when it rains and storms, so I layered a dog running, a dog crying, rain, and thunder all together to make a sound. I threw them into audacity – originally planning to line them up in chronological order – but realized they all fit pretty well this way anyways. From there, I just plugged and exported. I uploaded to Soundcloud, and here we are!