Asian girl running in the city

Runnin’ Runnin’ & Runnin’ Runnin

For this 3 1/2 star assignment, I put together a story for my character Bev. Known to be a city girl and pretty powerful, I think the story fits together really well.


Overall, I thought this project was going to be a lot harder than it was. The only difficult part was when my Audacity kept crashing because my computer also had 3 different Adobe programs going and the internet and spotify and my messages and you get the point. Anyways, the set me back like an hour because I forgot to save during the process (ALWAYS ALWAYS SAVE, MARIAH).
In order to do the project, I thought about what Bev would be doing in her normal life and then run into trouble. The stories we listened to on DS106 radio really helped with inspiration here :)

I starts with someone walking in a city. Those are two different layers that you here. Then a horn honks. The next sound was someone running and then sighing as they walk inside. You can tell it’s inside by the noise. They then clearly go back outside because you can here the city sounds again. After a little bit, you hear police sirens coming and then you just here a sigh. Was she arrested? Was that a sigh of relief? I don’t know. It is all up for interpretation. the hardest part of this project was honestly picking the sounds I wanted to use. I just clicked through about twenty pages of “women sigh” on to pick what I liked. After I had all my sounds saved to my computer, I started putting them in audacity in the order I wanted to play them. From there, I lined everything up. Some clips had to be cut. For example, the city noise is really a 7 minute clip of the city, but I had to cut it down to just a couple of seconds.

Overall, I thought the project was fairly easy, but it still really allowed me to show a little bit of my character’s life.