Poetry Art


3 stars



I did the poetry art assignment (3 stars)  because I thought it would be fun. That’s it. And because it was worth three points. So, I really like this poem. I saw it on Pinterest one semester when college was really hard and it’s always stuck with me. Additionally, I think that my picture falls well with my semester in DC, It’s a picture of the Jefferson monument during the cherry blossom festival. To do the project, I was looking for a picture  that I would originally do a side by side of winter and spring, but I couldn’t find those as easily as I wanted to. Instead, I decide to take this painting and change half of it to black and white and then liquify the middle of the painting in photoshop in order to show a transition that was happening. I then placed a translucent layer of white over the black and white side and placed the text of the poem over it. From there,  I just picked a color and there was my poem.

Overall, I found this project to be a lot of fun because I really like doing this like this.