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Mapping out our adventure

Bev here – not really sure why Damon called this “Bev Takes Damon Away.” It was a consented trip. We just wanted to go away. It was a lot of fun to show people that we have become friends and are getting along well. Take a look at our trip here.

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If you click the picture, it should bring you to the site. I really loved the trip with Damon. We got to  do things like go to different beaches and see all the sites in Bali. Overall, I really loved the trip and valued the time with Damon. I don’t know why Damon thinks I just took him. I basically just saw him when I was walking down the street. After talking for awhile we got the idea to go to Bali in order to work on our friendship, because why not? Anyways,  a lot of my other blog posts talk about this trip too!



Overall, this assignment (4 stars) was pretty easy. Jonathan and I planned out the adventure pretty well together on deciding where to go. It actually meant that we had to learn some things about Bali along the way. After planning out everything that we wanted to do in Bali, we found some pictures that would go along with the trip and give some aspect of noir to it. We also came up with alternative stories on purpose, in order to keep the appeal of the trip up and still confuse people. After doing that, we just plugged the picture and descriptions into the places that we want to visit. Let us know what you think!