Laptops, city love and design all in one.

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So, as everyone knows  – my blog/ds106 experience is pretty much all politically centered/about hating my commute to DC. One of the things I don’t get to talk about enough/dwell on is that DC is absolutely beautiful. Morning, night, afternoon, rain or shine. I am in love with the place. People say that it wears off after you’ve worked there, but I’m going on about my 5th semester there and I still am in love with it. Everywhere you look there is something that surprises you.

This picture I found on the internet took my breathe away. I often see the capitol looking like this but I can never find an image that explains it/portrays it so well. I found this image and I can’t help but love it. I looked at the assignment (2 stars) From there, I just plugged it into my little image inserter and it popped up. If I actually had a budget for anything except commuting, I would consider buying this for my laptop. But, oh well.