I’m almost a grown up

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UGH. UGH. UGH. The other day, my boss asked me to go to a networking event for “DC political young professionals” so I could “make some connections before graduation” and I just cringed. I don’t like hearing that word anymore. He also mentioned that I should make business cards. I sat down this weekend with a “I WILL DO THIS” attitude once I also realized that it was an assignment I could do. 2 things. 1) THIS WAS SO HARD BECAUSE I AM SO PICKY 2) POLITICAL PEOPLE ARE SO BORING. WHAT KIND OF INDUSTRY AM I GOING INTO.

Anyways, above you see my work from the assignment (2 stars). And here is how it went down. I went on vistaprint, because I was actually thinking about doing this. And I didn’t see anything that I liked. From there I was like “okay, mariah well you are young. you can be hip and in politics” wrong mariah, no you can’t. So I made this all colorful, knowing 100% that I can’t actually use it. It is also a little blurry. I looked into some designs on the internet and tried to figure out what I wanted people to walk away with after they met me. I figured my phone number, email and social media would be useful. I also have an online portfolio for my journalism stuff so that I was pretty easy to plug in. I found vectors of each icon, added some lines and color (look at that design reading working it’s magic) and decided on this. What do you think?