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I have the qualifications

So I told Damon that he needed to create a resume in case there are any question. In the process, I realized that I hadn’t updated mine since I was an intern on the hill. The really the last time I had to show someone a resume to prove myself. So this time, I stopped and worked to make a resume. Check it out:

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Doing this was pretty simple. The assignment was worth three stars. To do it, I just sat down and thought about all the things I have accomplished in life, and then only put the things people needed to know. After that, I just typed it into Word with this cool template they provided me, and I saved it as a PDF. I also had to screenshot it in order to get it to appear in the post, but if you click the hyperlink above the resume, there might be an attachment you can look at….if I did it right. Let me know what you think.


<3 Bev