Caribucks Coffee





As I sat around this weekend trying to figure out how to do this logo merge assignment (4 1/2 stars), I stared at my cup of starbucks coffee and I remembered talking to my sister earlier in the weekend about how Central Park used to have a Caribou Coffee. With that, I decided that they needed to merge (mostly, because it would help with my severe addiction and constant need for coffee). And this is what I got.


To start out, I got together the two main logos for Caribou and Starbucks. Below:

caribou10_vert_large_cmyk starbucks-logo-vector1


From there, I opened photoshop and took away the animal that I think is a Caribou (is that an actual animal title? I don’t even know). Then I just plugged in the Starbucks logo and renamed the brand. I tried to pick a simple sans serif font that resembles Starbucks a little bit, so I went with this fun font I have called Libby, After that, I just saved the image and uploaded it here. I am having this weird problem with Photoshop where whenever I save something It makes the image lighter, so if anyone has any advice on that, please please please let me know! I tried reseting my photoshop settings and it still fails to help!