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Bali Adventure with Damon

Bev here. After the radio show, Damon and I made up and talked things out. We decided to go on a trip in order to work things out. He just wanted to get up and leave right away, but I was like woah woah woah Damon, slow it down. So I was like First things first, we need a pinterest board (yah, sometimes I can be an annoying petty girl- back off before I stick secret service on you).

So we made this board. It’s AWESOMEEE. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.19.17 PM


It has all the things we are going to do:

– make some salsa
– stand in some foundations
– sit on the ocean without being in the ocean
– eat some actual food that is wonderful
– sit at random bars and meet people.

This assignment (3 stars) was really interesting. For our character it is a lot of fun and I’m sure she would be able to go on the trip. For me, it probably isn’t in my future.

When it comes to completing this Jonathan and I sat down and figured out where we wanted to go. We knew we wanted to develop our characters a little bit more and this was how I figured it would work best. I love Pinterest and he loves planning so it worked out perfectly. I took to Pinterest to start pinning all things bali. I usually don’t use Pinterest that often, so it’s always like a break from my hectic schedule when I get to use it. Additionally, it was really fun to watch Jonathan try and figure out Pinterest and click on random things. He just kept sitting around clicking random things and watching what would happen (I think he might have pinned some weird things to my other boards just to mess with me). Overall, I feel like this project was definitely a successful one if you are looking to expand on your character. I was three stars!