Bumping to the Bumper


I had so much fun with this assignment too! I feel like I start all my assignment reflections with that, but it is usually true. So, for this project I was tasked with making a DS106 bumper. I was pretty late to the game in doing this so I listened around and saw what some of the other students in the class were doing. I liked the idea of some people using songs with a voice, over and others using sounds from freesound.org with a voiceover. I decided that for me, it would be best to do both.

In order to pick my song, I just started going through my itunes library. Honestly, there isn’t a lot there, because my computer lost everything in August and this one is fairly new – I’ve also transitioned a lot to spotify, so I don’t really own a lot of music. So the first album that came up in itunes was the soundtrack for the Hunger Games: Mockingjay. FunFact: I haven’t actually seen the movie, I just loved the music after hearing it randomly on Spotify. So I listen through the songs and clicked around at random points and settled on the beginning of This is Not a Game by The┬áChemical Brothers feat. Miguel. You can see the original here:

I really liked the line “there it is” to start the music, so I decided that is where I would stop the music. From there, I know I needed to say something about ds106 so I added in my voice over. It didn’t sound right going from such intense music to just my voice – so I decided to add a heart monitor beeping. I chopped it up so it starts slow, gets fast, flatlines, and then right after she says “there it is” – it comes back to life and then the “tune in toe ds106″ line comes in. To me, it’s like an intense moment when a doctor is trying to save someone’s life in the emergency room – the beginning music is all the chaos and everything that surrounds the moment – then they get the heart back and everything goes silent to make sure it’s alright (maybe, I’ve just watched too much Grey’s Anatomy….I don’t know).

Anyways, I thought this was a lot of fun, and I’ll be excited to see if it makes it on DS106 radio!