This is for my DS106 class at the University of Mary Washington!


I am a fast-talking and very sarcastic political science and journalism double major at the University of Mary Washington. When I’m isn’t trying to convince my parents that I really  don’t want to go to law school when she graduate but instead want to study public policy in grad school, I am glued to her phone reading any and all of the news (It’s probably an addiction). Speaking of addictions, I love to write and research, drink an unhealthy amount of coffee, and play with the Adobe Suite making infographics just for fun. This semester, I am working at a legislative affairs firm in DC four times a week, community back and forth everyday. As the managing editor for The Blue & Gray Press, the college newspaper, a debater, and a public speaking tutor, I don’t really know what sleep is, but that’s okay because I can sleep when I get a Pulitzer or become president…which ever comes first.